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How to change your name on Partner Hub

Hi everyone,


I cannot seen to find where I can change my name 'Studio Bokar' to my own name. I set up this account when I did not know what I was supposed to write and not I do not know how to change it




Hi Studio Bokar! It is not complicated. Please, click to "edit" -> "user details". 

Dr. Rob

Hello Sergei!

I cannot find this ';edit'section neither in Partner hub nor in Extranet

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Rob,

You just click on your name...Edit your profile is in the left hand side of your Property link in  your Partner Community profile.

Sorry image box doesnt work and I cannot send screen shot.

Hope you find it...

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Dr. Rob,

Massive pleasure...I can see your profile photo.  Please share some pictures of your beautiful place.

Wish you well.