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How to charge for extra person


how do i set it up so i can have a hotel room for 2 people and charge for any people over the 2 included.

So for example:  2 people are included

$10 extra per person for any person over 2.

3rd person would be $10 extra and 4th person would be $10 extra.


where do i set this up?


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Sharonpowney 2 years ago

when you set up your Calendar you can do this.

Go into Rates, Calendar - use List View - open on left and you will see how much for each person.  Use Bulk edit to update the amounts and select prices there.

julie frazee 2 years ago


thank you for the help, but i am sorry i am not seeing it there.

there are no options to change the price per person for some reason.

maybe you can send a screenshot?

thank you again