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How to create a great guest experience?

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From exceptional service to personalised surprises, creating fond memories for guests can result in glowing reviews, advocacy and loyal customers. But as new technology and traveller trends emerge, we need to pay close attention to evolving customer preferences to maintain a high level of guest satisfaction. 

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We help make our guests' stays the most personalized and enjoyable by providing as much helpful community information as possible:

  • Printed take-away lists of area restaurants that include each restaurant's basic food menu items (steaks, pasta dishes, seafood, vegan/vegetarian, lamb, large salads, chicken, etc.) and each restaurant's telephone number for guests to make a dinner reservation.
  • Printed take-away lists of regional tourist sites, with listed miles/kilometers from our house.
  • Take-away business cards of our local taxi service telephone number.
  • Framed wall map of our area.
  • Printed take-away list of local festivals and concerts (with date, times, activities, admission cost, etc.) scheduled during each arriving guests' stay.
  • Rack of numerous take-away tourist-activity brochures, which are provide free by our local tourism office.