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How to create a reduced capacity offer under same current listing ?

I so far rent my property as whole unit - 6 rooms/12 gests.  Due to Covid restrictions, only 1 family stays are allowed. I would like to create under my current listing for the whole entity (6 rooms) a second one offering only to 3 bedrooms at a reduced rate obviously. How shall I do that?   Thanks!



Hi Emmanuel


1. That is not a thing, not possible.

2. Instead open the availability calendar or the rate plans and reduce the cost per night.

or Create a promotion if only for a fixed date range of consecutive days.


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Emmanuel Narinx

Thanks !  I indeed reduced the cost and created promotion. However by doing so I'm still exposed to fixed costs like cleaning and heating.  So I'm experimenting and created a second offering on same address. it's features that is available. I know need to manage both calendars in full sync! I will see how it works and if this approach returns more interest. 




DO NOT create a second listing for the same property, BdC will suspend  or ban your account if you do that.



and the iCAL sync will not work in REAL TIME, so do not try to do that.

Account Adviso…

Hi Emmanuel,

I do not recommend creating a second listing and experiment on it. One address, one property. The other listing will be marked as a Duplicate. Please reach out to your local office to discuss with them directly!