Thoroughly wipe down all high-touch areas in your guest room. These areas include:

  • Light and lamp switches
  • Doorknobs (including the exterior handle to your hotel room, bathroom doorknobs, and closet door pulls)
  • Bathroom sink handles
  • Shower handles
  • The toilet lid and flush handle
  • Remotes (television remote, any smart remotes for closing drapes or turning off lights)
  • Nightstands
  • Alarm clocks
  • Display disinfections sope where guest arriving....
  • If we open again....!
  • Lucy
  • Le Balcon des Jasses

Le Balcon des Jasses

Hi,  I think the price will drop, but a way is maybe to keep your price for next season. 

I will sett up a "Box" and hopefully, visitor can see the extra cost, to prepare extra cleaning, hygiene and invest in much more expensive sope, washing.

This will be extra work, extra cost. and who will pay us.

How to do bedding? If I need to disinfect address, and bed, I need to invest in extra addresses, ass the weather chance, and I need to dry before the next guest arriving.

I hope we will get some kind of support from Booking.com (hygiene fee)

I really want your comment...! 

It was a fun thing to do Bed and Breakfast, will we enjoy in the future? Who will give up?? Who will do it??


Le Balcon des Jasses

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Lucy for tips...but not only do we have to wipe but also thoroughly disinfect the whole place with chlorine which is the best solution to kill the virus... over and over again...

A very difficult and dangerous situation for all of us.

Who will do it??? and for how long???

We have to find new ways to enjoy hosting...


Le Balcon des Jasses

Hi Adamopoulou, Yes, I can easily see we are using lots more time for cleaning and need to invest a big amount of money to keep going safe.

Will you explain how to Disinfect with Chlorine?

If I spray in a room, I will damage the colour on the carpet and beddings and so on??


Have a nice day


Adelina Charalambous

Hi.we steam already last year.is good thing now we think of bying a qwartz uv lamps to sterilise tha air.


M Adamopoulou

My dear Lucy you are so right...

To totally disinfect your property every time a new guest arrives is not possible...

Of course you cannot disinfect your carpet again and again, you will ruin it...and of course not with chlorine....

I clean my carpets  and mattresses by sprinkling  baking soda...after 30 min.I vacuum and after I use a mixture of equal water and white vinegar to scrub...it probably doesn’t kill the virus but it kills most of the germs.

I was only referring to cleaning with chlorine surfaces, door knobs, etc. the ones you mentioned in your post.

According to guidelinesfrom both the Centers For Disease Control and EPA, alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol or a bleach solution of at least four teaspoons of bleach per quart of water (equals to a third of a cup per gallon) are effective against coronavirus.

You cannot strip  every time your sofas, curtains  or all the throw pillows to wash them ...it seems impossible...

I do it twice a year and it takes me two weeks to get everything back to place...

Disinfection is one of the big problems that have to be resolved before hotels can reopen...

It’s a nightmare...

A hygiene plan is very difficult to follow even in our own home...

What happens if somebody gets disinfect while their stay??? Your property goes in quarantine??? Your have to cancel next guests???Who pays the expenses???

Every time we return from Supermarket we have to take a bath....wash our clothes...wash all fruits and vegetables...wipe with alcohol all products for the fridge and for the cupboards etc. etc. wipe the inside of our car....

I am always worried if I have wiped  everything...if I have done it the right way....

I think I will bewitched....ha....ha... that’s my solution!!!

To remain open or  not that is the big question???

Stay at home...be healthy...



Le Balcon des Jasses

Dear adamopoulou.

Always nice to communicate with you, and thank you for advice.


I have to say, I'm afraid it could be very difficult for all of us. To follow regulations (we don't know now) but it will be complicated, and what if we get infected, do we take this risk?

My rooms are clean, but not disinfected as you describe, but we will do it. (It's my Dear husband there clean).

I contact my Assurance today, ALLIANCE, and ask if possible to have an assurance if we are hit again, and need to close. If I get an answer I will share with you.. 

I hope soon we will hear from Booking.com and Our Locale Office Tourisme for regulations and advice.

Best wishes


M Adamopoulou

Thanks Lucy for sharing your worries and useful ideas with me.

Even if we have new regulations how to stay healthy and safe protecting ourselves and our guests...how secure are we???

Please keep me informed... your advice is more than valuable since I am still a newbie with very little experience in hosting.

Keep well?.

Le Balcon des Jasses

If we can open again, the guest room will smell more as a Hospital, than a Guesthouse. It will be very expensive and difficult. Disinfection, Mask, flowers, extra cleaning, explaining to a guest why it smells as a Hospital.

I sincerely ask for help and advice, and how to pay for it. 

We still have to be better than our Local Hotels, bigger smile, cleaner rooms, better service, more familiar, - and "cheaper"??

Hi from Lucy



It will definitely work. Thank for sharing this wonderful information. I will share this with my team.


Devendra Karki 

From Kathmandu Nepal


Thank you for the list, it is useful!

What I thought I would do is to talk to the people before they come and explain how difficult it is to keep everything as cleen as we need to, and therefore we only do it in between people. I will not offer service. They will have some toilet cleaner and multy surface with some disposable cloths if they want it. I will need my cleaners to concentrate on the rooms between guests. Of course if someone stays a week it is different, but 1-3... days we have to do what we can. 

Regarding prices and preparation, I think there should be a serious conversation between the companies, like BdC or Expedia, maybe a webinar where people can talk to each other. We can't  be thhe only ones who will need to do the work and earn less. Maybe there can be a solution like temporary reduction from us and in return, temporary recuction in commission! I've been asking myself if these conversations make reall change in BdC or is it just a wat for release  some steam!! This is now the time to prove it!!!

M Adamopoulou

Please have in mind that based on CDC recommendations, they advise limiting access to your space, including for cleaning, during the 24 hours immediately after each guests stay.

Always wear gloves and wash hands before and after cleaning...grrr...very frightening...

Tooooo difficult for hosts and guests...

In Greece hotels will probably reopen in July...

Best wishes to all!! 


I don't underatand. Do we need to let the room "rest" for 24 hrs? Can we not disinfect and then give it to another guest? That means a great loss. I anyway thought it won't be befor june or july. Is tere anyone who can give the instructions we would need to follow? Otherwise we might as well forget about this summer.

Can we have some unswers from Booking.com? I was sugesting, and I repeat it, and maybe someone can say who we need to talk to, We need an online meeting to discus going back, how we share the extra expences with our partners, who gives the instructions, can there be a special email that will automatically go to everyone that makes a reservation?!

I feel we need to do it in a clever way so we dont end up losing money and getting complaints from guests. I am sorry if things have already been discussed and I missed it. If it hasn't been discussed, this is the time!!


M Adamopoulou

The 24 hours house resting is recommended for our safety....

More than 50% of Greek hotels will not reopen due to all these problems and mostly because if a guest gets contaminated then the hotel will have to close up...cancel future reservations and relocate charges..

Is it worthy and safe???

Le Balcon des Jasses

Many questions. I got an answer from Booking.com, 4 days ago, saying, the roles depend on the country's low and advice.

Ok, I'm thinking, recourse, if its a tax, or tourist tax questions than Booking.com can follow up on roles in different countries.

Booking.com gives you, the partner, all power in this situation to decide how to operate with your property during this hard times. You can update your hygiene plan up to your country and government regulations. Since every country and government is different and is handling this situation differently, you will need to update this information yourself and we, as your partner will help and guide you through this hard times.

This is the answer from Booking.com, 16. April.

Do we have to where Mask and Gloves?

Do our clients where the mask and closed, if not, do I have to provide?

Can we charge for it, can we charge for extra cleaning in rooms, extra time, expences for mask and flowers...

Many questions and every country need own regulations. If Bigger Hotels start to charge clients, of course, we can charge. 

Yes, it will be very different in the future, if we have a future. My rooms smell ass a Hospital now.

Hi from Lucy, in France.

Kvarno Guest House

Here is the link to the British Columbia (Canada) guide for tourism accommodation protocols and cleaning. 


We can't do all these things as a one suite place; trying to figure out how to cancel existing bookings so there is 72 hours between stays and we won't be taking any more bookings this season. 

Seems like there is no help from Booking.com when you have to cancel a guest stay for health reasons.