How to display Review Awards

Hey everyone!!!

My Traveller Review Award 2020 hasn’t arrived yet... I am very anxious to receive it, I am sure it will be here in no time...

I was wondering should I frame it and display it beside my last years one or not...

What do you suggest???

Please share your thoughts and ideas!!!

Don Burns

Yes, I would display your award certificate for your guests to see.


You could include a note in the certificate frame, asking guests to post their review after they leave.  About 40-percent of our guests leave an online review.

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Don and thanks for your suggestion...

I was wondering though should I have both awards or the last one?

Have a nice evening.

Don Burns

Display both awards; so guests know you have consistency in excellent hospitality service.

Aaltje B.

Hi Maria

My reward is a sticker on the glass door. 9.4   The next years in a folder with information and award of bookingdcom in the back. 9.6  Out of 10 

Superhost for Abb with 4.92 Out of 5 . 

Not bad ! 

M Adamopoulou

9.8 Ella...

Oh I get it...the award 2020 is the outcome for 3 years...

Ella, Thank you very much....