How do I add my listing to my profile?

Hi everyone,


How do I add my listing to my profile. Barry explained it to me, but I am a creative right brained intuitive, and looked and tried and tried and tried more. Nope, no success. I found something that looked like my url, but the system didn't accept it. It needed something with http  and not https....Oh my tummy. I really don't get this right. Let me cook, host, play the flute, piano, sing, but this.....      auch ! 

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Aaltje B.

With the help of someone from the BDC team, I managed to add/change the number of children/infants to be booked for my unit. 

It will take two days to process, but then it should be visible and productive. Let's hope and see. Fingers cross. Looking forward to host some young families. It's a start of something new, joyful and exciting! 


Aaltje B. 

9 months ago