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How do I boost my performance?

On my property description there's everything written of what one will find in my guest house. Having said this I find it so unfair that guests have the facility to rate us in facilities  thas becauseif ewe are a 5 star hotel ratings on booking .com are not tailor made for different properties. Of course we suffer on facilities because we are a guesthouse and not a five star hotel! Any ideas if we can do something about this.thank you .


Many guests from Booking are really like that. They do expect 5 stars from 2 stars accommodations. There is not much you can do about the attitude. You can mention in your welcome note "please, kindly understand that we are not 5 star hotel, but we provide decent accommodation for a good price". 

michael beeston

Hi Katerinka..................This is very difficult for we as Individual owners BUT as our PARTNERS should also help  NOt with promotions and Deals that ONLY make US give a cheaper price (such as Global Marketing/Chinese New Year Deals/School Holidays) to get the additional bookings........Why does as OUR PARTNER ALSO give a little discount, it is ALWAYS Us who have to give a cheaper price to get additional bookings !!! and Booking ALWAYS still get their Commission...............I am not  Complaining BUT maybe should look at other ways to HELP us..................Maybe if we give a 5% discount for a specific period then Booking ALSO gives US 5% discount on their commission.ISNT that what PARTNERSHIP is ALL about.............

Personnally I ONLY use (not Stays/or AIRBNB) and I ONLY use them as a Booking Platform as they are a huge Worldwide WELL KNOWN  Brand.

I charge the guest with MY OWN Credit card machine (NOT facility) as a DEPOSIT and for the Full accomodation fee and NEVER have a problem/I write the letters/I do the meet and Greet/I dont use for any other thing BUt is is and has been exceptionally successful........ALTHOUGH I have used some of their promotions in the past it is NOT WORTH the deduction  in Price and Profit so if I want to change a price I do it myself.

I am somewhat dissapointed in the negative comments that are coming through on Community Partnership and can ONLY HOPE is listening and WILL DO SOMETHING for US as their PARTNERS !!!.............Good Luck EVERYONE !!...Michael.

The Enclave


Everything seems geared to increasing commissions paid to

It should be more balanced, 'shared risk, shared reward.' So everyone benefits .

The least they could do is create a situation where a Partner can evaluate the 'financial benefit ' of taking part in one of their schemes over a 3 month period  without being charged an additional percentage. If it turns out that  the increased commissions are more than compensated for by increased revenue from being in the program then fine, they sign up with the increase in commission knowing they will benefit. Currently all the risk is on the Partner. 


Hi Michael, 


Welcome back again. I was wondering if you are busy (with champagne ???) 


I think it's great thought, really, that's what partnership is all about. 


I am not happy with the way Booking treats to partnership. I am not happy that they cannot verify my property since February (besides of multiple attempts to follow up). If I think, why do they charge commission on cleaning fees, I just get another glass of champagne. Because it helps, and Booking doesn't ??


So, I do what other people do (I mean, I am forced to do that):


1) get money somewhere else, not on Booking. Sad to say, but I get 100% income not from Booking for those properties that were not even attempted to be verified with them and 95% income again somewhere else, since I get couple of bookings only for those properties that are still on Booking 


2) if I run promotion, the rate is overpriced and with discount it becomes "normal" 


3) my rate on Booking is high, because it includes all their "innovations" such as commission on cleaning fees. Yet, my rate is still affordable in comparison to my competitors. You know, in Philippines it's not a common practice to think much over complicated things and things we can't change. So people just went with the flow - they double their rate. 


I still have hope, that Booking will change and treat his partners with ultimate respect ?

consuelo ruiz

Hi Katerinka

Please tell me what other page(s) you work with or how you get customers. I have airb & b but it doesn't work for me. 0 reservations In a few days a boy comes who has a travel blog and promised to help me.  I have had to lower the rates and give discounts to have guests and I have enough competition.

Greetings from Colombia

michael beeston

Hi Katerinka.........................Nice to be back, we have been travelling  a lot lately, visiting the Grandchildren in Sydney and Melbourne and friends  in Dubai BUT back for a while and The Pinnacle is do-ing so bloody well I sometimes can not believe it..Really .Amazing !!  We are ONLY 3 short of 100 10,s in a row !! Fabulous  (come over one day and stay there , you would love it and of course two Yes two bottles of Champagne for you hahaha.

Back to reality..Yes !! I have to agree with what you say, I have been reading all the comments and am very surprised. Your comment number 2 is exactly what we did a few months ago  increased the price by 20% and gave away 15%  ( a normal price )

I know what it is like in the Philippines as I recruited staff there for Saudi many years ago.

I respect and ONLY use them BUT in reality I dont really get any additional  support from them except for their web page and I guess their TV and Commercial advertising BUT I do not really feel like a Partner with them JUST another Customer paying a commision to them...............Its not a problem for me and I would like this Community Partnership to tell what we think and feel so things can IMPROVE.


For me a PARTNERSHIP is a bit like a marriage, you have to BOTH work on it for a MUTUAL Benefit.!!!


Its getting late time for a Champagne and another working day tomorrow.Good night to Katerinka/ "M"  and All our friends on the Community Partnership.



M Adamopoulou

Michael and Katerinka12 you are both so right.

Commission is certainly too high and this year I have so many cancellations!!!

So I prefer to go swimming to our beautiful beach with my friends and don’t worry be happy!!!

Michael, I am sure you had marvelous time with your grandchildren.  

Dubai was certainly hot I suppose but with champagne ? everything seems to be cool!!!

I wish BDC finds the right tools to help us hosts...Michael I love your idea of when we give guests  a discount BDC give us a discount from commission. 

Wish you all a wonderful time 




michael beeston

Thanks "M" it was great with the Grandchildren.Wow !! A lot of work but good fun. I will send a few pics in the next few days.We are BUSY BUSY with All the apartments and Houses and so surprising, its Winter and the bookings are flowing in..Incredible !!


Take care and you also COME TO AUSSIE one day.Champagne on me and Rita x


My email is

M Adamopoulou

Melbourne and kids incredible!!!

 I cannot upload pictures here in Partner Community...

I don’t know why....


M Adamopoulou

Michael, nice to hear that you are full even though it’s wintertime for you.

Aussie is adorable, no wonder you have guests all year round. You are so lucky living in such an amazing part of the world...

Take care!!!


Michael, thanks for sharing the pictures! You look great! Happy family and again, thank you for the time! Regards to Rita. I will send you email. Let me share some pictures too


M Adamopoulou

Hi! Katerinka, I just saw this post and your photo.  Katerinka you are so beautiful... and who is the handsome guy beside you, if its not personal to ask...

I miss you so make me laugh so loud...your humour is so fine...

So sorry to hear about your troubles with your new property but please do not drink too much champagne!!! 

Your are a very strong personality and I am sure you will find the best  solution that suits you.

Wish you a great season and hope to meet you when you visit Greece...

michael beeston

Very very nice...........send an email so we can talk a little more..Very best Michael and Rita.