How do I change number of rooms

How do I change the number of rooms



Hi xen ioannou


Depends on what exactly you mean.


Under extranet > property menu, Room Details,


Here you can add more room types and under each one you can change number of this type.

Also under Rates & Availability  > Calendar , you can increase by date the number of rooms for type X.


this can be useful for temp increases by date.


Kind regards


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Would love to see you property listing, but it is missing from your partner profile, please take a moment to add it. It can in many topics help us help you more efficiently.

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xen ioannou

I have just listed the property and it says 1 bedroom appartment on the search but I would like it to say 3 bed rooms


Share the listing link please so i can view it.

This is starting to feel like pulling teeth.


You need to share more in order for someone to help , hence the Irish phrase 'its like pulling teeth' :)