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How do i load a video of my properties on booking.com

Could some one please contact me re this 


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Welcome to the Partner Only  Forum, addressing only us not BdC support team.

Posting will not result in any action on your behalf.


Hi Glenn

  1. Simply you cant, that is not a feature.   
  2. Workaround.
    1. Create a video on your smart phone and upload to YouTube and marked it unlisted.  
    2. Add links into auto message Templates or manual use message Templates.
    3. I also sometimes send it via whatsapp to guests sometimes, or do live whatsapp video call.  
  3. No one will be contacting you. That is not a thing on here.


You may find if you try adding links to the Fine Print area, they might get auto removed. Never tried it but I suspect based on other features this is the case. No harm trying it to test.



Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well


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Reminder your profile here is missing your listing link, please add it.

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