How do I remove my listing?

I cannot figure out how to communicate with booking.com. How do I remove my listing?



Hi Windy,


1. Yes you can remove listing, temp or perm.

2. If you are fully listed and access to the Extranet > Inbox>booking.com messages, right pane click on button to reveal contact us info. Phone number and message button

3. Bottom of every page on here has Partner Help - Contact Us. Give similar info and points you there also.

4. Before you remove listing close all rooms and availability make sure no one can book.


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.How can I remove a property or end my partnership with Booking.com?


If you are closing your property temporarily:

If you want to only temporarily take your listing off of Booking.com, we recommend that you simply close your availability for the time you require by following the steps outlined in this article.

Things you must know and understand before removing a property definitively and terminating your contract:

  • Once the contract termination process is started, it cannot be stopped.

  • For you to be able to terminate your contract with Booking.com, it is necessary that you first honour any outstanding reservations, as well as pay any outstanding invoices.

  • In cases when you are not able to honour any outstanding reservations, you will be required to cover the costs of relocation for guests.

If you still want to remove your property from Booking.com you can follow these steps:

We’d be very sorry to lose you as a partner, but if you’d like to end your partnership with us, you can request contract termination by following these steps:

1) In the extranet, go to the ‘Inbox’ tab.

2) Select ‘Booking.com messages’.

3) Click on ‘Compose new message’.

4) Select the ‘Account’ topic.

5) Select the ‘Terminate contract’ subtopic, and complete the process by answering all questions.

Note: This contract termination process is designed to expedite your request, and is much faster than asking to have your property removed from Booking.com by our customer support department.

Once you perform these steps, within 14 days and/or after any pending reservations have been honoured and any outstanding invoices have been paid, your agreement with Booking.com BV will end. You will also receive an official “Termination Notification Letter” from Booking.com BV. 

If you want to remove your property from Booking.com and end your contract, but you do not see the above functionalities in your extranet, follow these guidelines:

1) Please contact customer support via the ‘Inbox’ tab, with ‘Account’ as the topic.

2) In this scenario, you will also have to close all of your rooms for future dates, so you won’t receive any new reservations. You can do so under your ‘Calendar’ or ‘Rates & Availability’ tab in the extranet.

Sandra Fisher

I looked to doing it this way and i dont see the 'compose new message' part. I still cant figure out how to get my property off booking.com




Sandra its still the same button on right regardless of the new label on it.


" see contact options"

Jonathan Fang

For such a big company, you should make a simple process such as removing a listing.... a simple process; I shouldn't have to search forums to find out how to do this 



Welcome to the Partner community, by partners for partners.   


Reminder this is not BdC support team you are addressing its other partners.


Everyone should be using the search feature, as there is no maid service here, you literally do have to search for articles and guides etc.. or follow the menus and their logical breadcrumbs.


That's literally how every website , knowledgebase, etc works.


Same with google.com we search on it to find an answer , how-to, solution, so why would this be any different?



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Sandra Fisher

I agree, i am sorry i ever put my property on booking.com. i have had my first booking and dont even know if they paid through booking.com or whether i was suposed to take their payment. I have no idea what I'm doing with it. 

Armando Acosta

Sandra same here, im trying to get off bookings becuase it wont even let me add payout information, this website is purely a scam apparently, do what I did, and just block dates for the next 5 years, this company will be long gone by then. And there is no "COMPOSE MESSAGE" feature to terminate the listing, horrible experience with this company, anyone reading this don't put your listing on booking.com.