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How do I set the order of the photos that will be seen in my property listing?


Me gustaría saber cómo configuro el orden de mis fotos que se verán en el listado de la propiedad, no tengo ningún problema para saber como añadirlas en la sección de Admin pero el orden en que aparecen en la sección de fotos que verán los huéspedes no es el orden que yo configuro. 

Cuál es el criterio que sigue Booking para decidir qué fotos se verán primero? 

Booking muestra un "collage de fotos" en la página que ve el huésped de la propiedad y abajo de este collage están las fotos del listado horizontal.... eso está bien pero el "collage de fotos" que son 3 ó 4 ¿cómo lo puedo cambiar?


Jorge Guevara



I´d like to know how do I set the order of my photos that will be seen in the property listing, I have no problem to Add them in the Admin section but the order they appear in the photos section that the guests will see is not the order I set it up. 

Which is the criteria that Booking follows to decide with photos will be seen first. 

Booking shows a "collage of photos" and down this collage is the listing photos....that´s fine but the "collage of photos" that are 3 or 4 how can I change them?



Jorge Guevara

Jorge Guevara

Hi, about your comment I understand well that drag,&drop photos will stablish the order. 

I'm talking about the the appear upper the list of photos that we set in the order guests can browse.


Those still photos looks like the Booking page shows randomly and should allow us to set them.


Photos sell and we should decide which ones should be seen first.

Account Adviso…

Hi Jorge,

Occasionally, the order of photos selected on the Extranet may not match the order they’re displayed on your property page. This is usually due to temporary website experiments that is running to help you get more page views and bookings.