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How do you manage Smartphone rate?

Hi there

How do you manage the smartphone rate?

I have selected this for my property but cannot find any settings to select the 30 days i can block off?

Any help much appreciated

Best regards

John Latto

Community Admin

Hello John Latto! Thank you for posting in the Community! You can block out dates by going to the "Rates & Availability" tab and then choose "Mobile rates". At the end of the landing page you will find the question "Want to block any dates?". Don't forget to click "Review" and then "Save". Best of luck! 

John Latto



However , I may be looking in the wrong place but I cannot find the 'Rates and Availability' Tab , is that supposed to show in the calender when you select dates as I do not have it on my page




Hi John,


It's the second top left menu option , in same drop down as calendar. Right down the menu bottom, depending on view device.



John Latto

Hi Barry

Thanks for that but for some reason I do not have that in my menus


Thats all I show , viewing extranet on chrome browser

Any help?

Thanks and best regards

Isle of Wight …

Some properties will be set up with a Calendar tab instead of Rates and Availaibility .... send a message to via your Extranet and ask them to set up the Rates and Availability for you

I have several properties on BDC and we don't use any of the different rates - just the standard rate - there are just too many discount options and BDC has so many bugs and issues that we don't trust BDC to get things right ....

John Latto

Thanks for that.

I messaged BDC during the night and things magically changed to the full menu options.

Understand what you say about the options , I have now disabled every option except a standard rate and a non refundable rate and leave things at that