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How do you reduce your Holiday waste???

Hi Guys! 

My grandaughter informed me that her teacher in her school suggested to them,  to make reusable ornaments for decorating the Christmas Tree!!!

I liked  very much the idea or reusable decorations.....

Leaving in a rural place it was easy for us to select nice branches of trees, pine cones and all kind of  nuts which we transformed them  to beautiful Christmas ornaments and have decorated our home.

 Little changes like using reusable Christmas decorations, or providing reusable bags instead of plastic ones for  guests to go shopping, can make a big difference to  waste output.

Please share your tips for reducing the amount of waste from your property during the holiday season....

Wish you all a beautiful day.


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BrookAve 2 years ago
  1. Used to fill out or stuff decorations that are cosmetic around tree and property.
  2. Outdoor decorations built from cardboard and filled, then coated in paper mulch, have kids paint it.
  3. Fireplace fuel.
  4. Plastics such as bottles cleaned, labeled and reused as containers.
  5. After xmas most of those built decorations can be flattened and rebuilt next year.
  6. Empty boxes used to help sort and organise all those smaller things in your man cave, garage, attic
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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Barry, thanks for sharing your creative ways  to reduce waste.

Finding ways to reduce waste can be fun... especially kids are very creative and have such an incredible imagination...

Best wishes for Christmas!!!



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Aaltje B. 2 years ago

Hi everyone, 


For small scale I really like the ideas too. 

For big scale, if there are 10 bottles per week, that's too much. Not sure how to reduce them. Since we are often getting people on their way out, going home again, they want to get rid of their stuff. Cars and campervans are being emptied. We have big containers for our waste and guests dump their garbage in there. But we pay for it. (rates) so that is another reason not to go too low with the asking price of our unit. 

The cost of hosting. Must make a topic of that one day. 



Aaltje B.