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How to improve Facilities review?

I would like to know more tricks to improve facilities reviews.

Thanks and Have a Nice day.!

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Sonstbbs 3 years ago

Hi Mashi,

We too suffer from lower reviews for is a very ambiguous category I think.

Even though I thoroughly detail what guests can expect from their rooms we still get lower ratings. We are a B&B not a hotel so don't have 24/7 check-in, public lounge areas etc...again all this is detailed in the descriptions of the property and we still get lower ratings. We are over the road from the beach and have a FREE on-site car-park....and yet we still get lower ratings!!

I honestly don't know what people expect...I've learned that if a space exists for a negative comment people will feel the need to fill it whether it's relative, useful or constructive or not.

As frustrating as it is I've just learnt to actually ignore the facilities reviews as they bear no relation to what we offer or what guests can expect.

Hope this helps


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Mashi Niwarthana 3 years ago

Ms. Sonia,
Thank you so much for your comment and the details.

As you said, we also have poor mark for facilities. We also have a small family guest house and don't know what they expect. Some people are so good and some people expect too much from a place like ours. Spending few money but expecting too much. It's so unbearable.

Rgandhmm 3 years ago

Hello - My name is Helena Klemich.

Responding to the facilities review- I am of the opinion that this area of the review should be

defined by as it has a broad spectrum of various subjects. In my reviews the

other areas are mostly covered by 100% which leaves me to think that it is mainly location

guests are referring to. All internal facilities are separate altogether, should be clarified in the

review percentages as two subjects.

Cheryl Johnson 1 year ago

I agree too …we keep getting dinged on that one too and have no idea how to improve. We also provide a detailed description to manage expectations but I think some people have a hard time giving a perfect 10! I get rave reviews on VRBO and other sites. Booking is where I struggle the most.