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How to improve guest experience

We are a brand new hotel, we open 3 months ago, we had a rough start, with hurricanes and COVID, bad reviews started coming, but we found the way to transform all of our weakness in opportunity areas, we manage to spoil our guest from the beginning with a pre-check-in contact, sending them a personalized message and offering help to plan their stay not only at the hotel but on the area in general, helping them with tours, shuttles, dinner reservations and a lot of good stories about the place they're visiting, also welcome drinks are always a good idea! make them feel at home, make them feel special and unique, make sure everything is always extra clean, and following the COVID procedures, so they feel that you care about their safety and your staff's.

Make sure they check out with nothing but a smile and good comments about your staff and your place, this leads to great reviews, better scores, and better sales!

Always have a smile on your face, and remember they want to feel free and rest! make sure to make everything easier for them! 

Quick and friendly check-in! 

Our reviews are now better than ever!!



Aiman Saleh 1 year ago

I have a studio apartment and it has already advertised in booking since 2 month and no guest clicks so far.

Can you please advise me how to improve the chances for my property to get guests as I am new in this business.

Robyn M Mitchell 1 year ago

Hi, maybe you could upload more photos of you properly that show off it's best points 

Profile picture for user Account Advisor Shirley a
Account Adviso… 1 year ago

Hi Frontdesk Gramercy,


Thank you for sharing your journey so far and for giving really great tips on how to improve guest experience! I'm certain many other partners will find this useful.


Kind regards,

Shirley E.


Aiman Saleh 1 year ago

Thank you Robyn, I will comply with your advice and hopefully it works out. Appreciated!!!