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How to improve your property. From a partner with a 9.2 review scores.

We have a holiday home at Ravenswood in West Australia and have had it on and AirBNB for about 3 years. Tried Stayz but gave them away as they were so hard to deal with.

We have found both sources good to use and now are looking to see what other things we can do to improve. This is not a money making exercise for us we first started for security reasons. As we can only get there a few times a year we but it on these agencies so people just did not know when the house would be occupied. I think the strategy has worked. 

The clients we get all follow the house rules so no trouble so far and hopefully nothing in the future.

What i am after are a few tips on improvement.

We allow them to use:


* supply the following for their use:

* 4 x fishing rods - rigged for black bream

* 4 x crap drop nets (in crabbing season)

* 2 x crab scoop nets

* 2 person kayak (including seats, oars & lifejackets

* Trampoline

* Junior swing set

* numerous board games, books, puzzles & toys from the very young to adult.

* Nespresso coffee machine - we supply the pods.

The house is neat and tidy on the banks of the Murray river but nothing flash. We price it for what we feel is reasonable as we do not want it too cheap as i think this will give us the sort of client that may cause problems if the daily rate is too low.

Be interested in anyone thoughts on how we may improve. We have a rating of 9.2 on and are a superhost on AirBNB.




Sounds very nice, would be great if you share your listing into your profile so we can see it



Sergei - Commu…

Hello, Russell Bresland! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thank you very much for sharing your experience with us. Happy to feature your post!

michael beeston

Hello Sergei.................Well done Russell............Go for a TEN next year !!!! It is possible and it is such a treat to get it.


Anyway talking of points....Sergei.....I had a guest last week who gave us 7 10s for The Pinnacle BUT  it is has come up as a 9 ???. on the review. ???.then we had another guest who gave us 6x 10s and it came up as a Ten...............I am a bit confused with the totals........... can you look into it for me as maybe its a typo error from BDC.....many thanks  Michael The Pinnacle Apartments.........We have scored a top Travelers review of TEN for the last four years !!!  FANTASTIC.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Michael!


This review problem never ends....

Hope Sergei can investigate your matter...

I am still awaiting my diamonds...Cannot understand why Quality Rating Score doesnt appear in my listing....

Customer Support replied that I should have more reservations!!!  Who has more reservations with covid-19???

Why new properties in my area with few reviews and reservations have diamonds???


Confused....confused...Michael you are not the only one!!!



michael beeston

Thanks Maria..................Sergei or Pilly  (can you help us both )


Thank you, awaiting your regards.

michael beeston

Thank you Sergei..............BUT unfortuneately that is ALWAYS your bog standard answer,  All we ask is if you cant fix the problem ..then give us a name or support team to contact...I will NEVER ask you for anything again......sorry but very unhelpful...Michael.

Sergei - Commu…

I'm sorry, but what exactly problem do you mean? From what you mentioned before, it looks like the guest rated the overall experience at your property with a score is lower than 10. Is there anything I'm missing?

michael beeston

Morning Sergei.............YES !! you are  !!!   AS EXPLAINED  the guest gave us 7 x 10s and the score on BDC was a 9..I am only asking !! WHY ...the score from the guest was not below 10 it was 7 x10 so WHY did we get a 9................I really dont care anymore ......the score is not the issue its what response from BDC .not "look at the guest review website"........................The Pinnacle has received  4 TENS in a row from guests for the last 4 years.  YES !! a rarity in this competitive WORLD, so therefore I just want to know how did we score a 9 when we received 7 x 10s from the guest..............but please dont worry about it anymore...............I really dont have the time for this, we manage over 54 apartments on the Gold Coast so am busy busy.........Thank you and take care  Michael.  

M Adamopoulou

Review system is so confusing!!!!

Both guest and hosts have many problems...


The overall rating is what confuses the most!!!


Maybe there should be an explanation about overall rating!!!


Isle of Wight …

Today, I had an email from inviting me to take part in a survey about and what they can do to improve.

I said they need to listen to partners, acknowledge the problems that exist and stop their nonsense replies. Sergei is a good example of a ***.


michael beeston

Thanks Isle of careful they may take it off the forum hahaha but you are right ..that is what a good forum  (constructive criticism )discussion is all about..Thank you  Michael.

Isle of Wight …

Good work on the 9.2 and great that you provide all those things for the guest.

We got a 9.7 by:

  • having properties refurbished to a high standard
  • keeping them spotless
  • providing the basics (including a few sachets each of tea, coffee, sugar and milk)
  • providing good, clear directions and check-in info

We don't provide a whole range of extras. Ever. We don't even provide bath towels (we used to but guests used them as floor mops or took them home). It's the same basics and same standards for every property we manage.

Most of the properties achieved 9+ scores. Guests will always expect clean and comfortable accommodation, with the basics. If you get that right, you're on the right track. Everything extra is a bonus.

Kayaks, tempting, although I would prefer 2 single kayaks .....something I'll definitely get over here ....

M Adamopoulou

Congratulations to you Isle?


I agree...two single kayaks will be a good idea☀️


Do you speak directly with the guests after their stay and ask if anything was "missing"? Always find that listening and often sometimes spending that little extra money to add those extra facilities does help.

Take notice too of any negative comments and actually seek out solutions.

We are a 9.8 with 405 reviews just one property a 5 bedroom bed and breakfast in France.

M Adamopoulou

Hi and congrats for your excellent reviews…

You are absolutely right…communication and understanding the needs of our guests s very important…

Your accommodation is stunning…

Wish you a beautiful weekend!!!