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How-To Last Minute, Same Day Limitations and Min Adv Reservation Extended Field


There are several uses for these extended fields in the Calendar List View , including those by default hidden.


For those message BdC to enable all hidden extended fields in Calendar.  




Scenario : You want to prevent new bookings after 6pm on Same Day as Last Minute.


Minimum Advance Reservation Field.


  • Open Calendar , in List View  
  • Now expand  the rate plans , promotions on left to view options. myimage  
  • All times are calculated based on your local time and up to midnight.  
  • So for this example midnight 24:00/0:00 minus 18:00 / 6pm equals 6 hours difference.  
  • That means for the minimum advanced reservation field for last minute / Same Day bokoing , the last accepted booking is at 17:59 / 5:59pm.  
  • You enter 6h into the field to set this for the dates in question or bulk edit to set it for a date range.





patrice dubarre

Good afternoon,

 I don't have all these options only 2 on my calendar page.

I would like to know how i can have the minimum advance reservation option on my calendar.

Thank you