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How to list my taxi agency on

I have a taxi agency but i don't understand how to list it on Some days ago I tried to join the partenrs program of but when i tried to add my Taxi agency i could not, it only allows me to insert a phisc place like homes or something like that. How can i add a taxi service instead an home? I also tried to search online but i found nothing,  only this two questions that weren't helpful.




Hi and welcome to the partner forum! only lists properties and no services.

If you have a property on and wish to offer the taxi service, you can email the guest once they book with you, refer them to your website or add a picture with the property with the details of your taxi service.

Matteo Carassiti

Hy, thank you for Your answer jaybeegee. And Do you know from where takes the taxi services that it offers in the booking options. I mean you can book car rent, homes, tours.... and Taxi. Is There a way for be listed in that section?


No as far as I am aware there is no option at the moment l.

Community Admin

Hi Matteo Carassiti and jaybeegee  and thank you for posting in the Community! Indeed you can inform the guests after they book your property that you can arrange a pick-up drop off in case they need. Anyway, to reply directly to Matteo Carassiti indeed is offering taxi service through our platform to only certain guests, but unfortunately we are not looking for taxi companies at the moment as we are on the very first stage with the test.