How to list a new property

Hi, hope you are doing good. please i need help regarding my properties on booking.com i wanted to remove all of my properties and make one new one. i cant find the option to edit or remove my properties.


awaiting a quick reply and yes thanks in advance 


Aaltje B.

Edit is always possible Kmnaushahi,

But remove is a little different.

You have to request them. (admin group of BDC)

We are host like you.

Try to find options in the search column, also in the same page as where you write this question.

You can at the mean time collect as many pictures as you like, and make them in high resolution, but not too big in size.

The more clear pictures, the better all the potential guests get the correct idea about your situation. That attracts the right people.

If you would ask me, I would start totally anew.

Take photos of the end result of your property for yourself / insurance so you know what it looks like. What extra's you have etc.

I wish you a good start with your new property.

And PS change the name of the new unit (s) too, since you prevent confusion.


Aaltje B.