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How to make bookings confirmed

Hi everyone, 


We are a couple running luxury villa for nearly a year trying to he very successful in it. So far we have a lot of reservation request but made no single business so far.


How can we make the future reservation inquiries to be real bookings??



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Prime Apartments


Are the guests simply enquiring or are they booking and not showing up for the stay? 

13 days ago
Account Adviso…

Hi Tewodros Alegaz,


To help prevent no-shows, you could review your cancellation policies to see if taking a prepayment will minimise cancellations. Of course, offering as much flexibility as you can in the current climate will make the listing more attractive but we also want to ensure that it works for you operationally.


To appeal to even more guests, you could offer both non-refundable and flexible rates. Generally, guests who make non-refundable reservations are more committed to their stays because they'll have to pay if they cancel, make changes, or no-show.


Non-refundable rates are very attractive to bookers and can increase your visibility on search engines. On average, we’ve seen that adding a non-refundable rate plan can help reduce cancellations by at least 9% and increase bookings by at least 5%.


Non-refundable rates are usually cheaper than those allowing free cancellation, but you’re likely to make up the small price difference by getting more guaranteed bookings and higher revenue overall.


Check out this comprehensive guide on better understanding and preventing cancellations.


Kind regards.

Shirley E.

7 days ago