How to make space between bookings

We need 2-3 days to clean our house between bookings since its 450m2 or 5000sqft with 8 bathrooms. How do i make sure that i get 2-3 days between bookings?


Pretty sure there is a setting for this but you probably need to contact the Help team at booking.com to be able to view it.

AG Lodging

Manually close 2 days before or after the reservation. This is the simplest way.

There are also 3rd party tools/apps to manage various aspects of the property, but if you have only one, you probably don't need them.

Airbnb does have the option to automaticaly close days before or after for preparation. Booking team constantly improve their system, so they may add this feature in the future.


Hi Sirma.  This is the partner forum and 2 of us answered and gave advice.  This is not booking.com help team.  Not sure why you say there is still no answer?