How to make your guests happy!!!

Hello everyone!!!

Happy guests means happy hosts!!!

Going beyond expectations can make guests very happy and make them come back for more...

  1. Pamper them with a welcome bag...local sweets, caramels, chocolates, refreshments etc.
  2. Warm them up with blankets...an extra fleece blanket is always appreciated especially by ladies.
  3. Shield their eyes with sunglasses...it’s an accessory that some guests tend to loose while on holidays.
  4. Wrap them in Pashminas...sometimes even in summertime weather can get a bit chilly.
  5. Feed them late night treats...when guests return to the property after a long day out, they are very pleased to see that a little treat is waiting for them.
  6. Send them home with a treat...local products are always welcomed and appreciated by guests...returning home they will have something to talk about with their friends...

Hospitality is an opportunity to show love and care!!!

Aaltje B.

Hi Maria

I have been very generous in the past, but my accountant didn't think it was a great idea if I wanted to make money. Mind you, food is very expensive here. 

I do emphasize on the quality of stay, fresh linen, high quality beds / cot, answering questions in time and just being there for them just in case. 

So far that has proven gold and just another approach, but from the same welcoming heart.  


Have a nice day, Maria and all other readers,


Aaltje B. 

M Adamopoulou

Hi Aaltje, I know you are very generous, do delicious pies, play the flute and take amazing photos...but best of all you treat your guests like friends...

Different places...different approach...but always having in mind to please guests the best way we can.

Best regards...



Very Nice, unfortunately not practical nor feasible for me.

I do provide food in a second fridge for them to use and store in.




Don Burns

With so many free snacks and gifts (sunglasses and souvenir product) you provide your guests, my wife and I wish to know:  What is the percentage of your "pampered" guests who return for a second, third, fourth or more stay with you?


We always receive high praises from our guests in their reviews.  But of the 38 bookings we have had, since renting our downstairs suite for the past 18 months, only one couple has stayed here twice.

M Adamopoulou

Dear Don, thanks for sharing your thoughts...

The percentage of guests coming back might not be very high but their friends come to experience the hospitality we offer....

Also with many of my guests we have become friends and for me that’s very important...

Offering an extra blanket, pashmina or sunglasses that I have spare in my home is not such an expensive amenity.

Take care.



Hi M Adamopoulou! Thank you very much for sharing your experience and inspiring others. I've just featured your thread, so more partners can read it. 

M Adamopoulou

Dear Sergei Thank you very much for your kind words.

Have a wonderful day.

Aaltje B.

I see what you mean now with extra sunglasses. 

We have extra blankets on the shelves in open bookcase. I put two the same small bookcases on top of each other. And screwed them to the wall  (earthquake proof) 

We provide standard extra blankets of pure wool, extra cushions. Electric blankets. Standard muesli and oats for breakfast. And flower to make cakes with cake tin. We have microwave and oven and all possible thinkable kitchen tools one need. 

Fresh ingredients are very hard to promise or guarantee

Since first shop is 22 km away that has all I want. Even fresh milk from our farm not always there. (Tanker came early ) 

But I try to create something special for every guest. Whether that is a bath for baby or toys for toddler, gluten free goodies or low fat yoghurt, suger free cookies I have done too. Fresh flowers if available. 

Our summer has just started and can finally think about green salades . Our garden has looked like a swomp but finally drying up now. 

To be able to serve well I have to think ahead a lot. Buy in bulk if possible. 

I made soup (for free ) for guests lately who had been lost in the cold and wet and really upset. That helps.

Sometimes I get thumbs up by doing nothing extra. Just the views and birds did the trick. Sometimes I get a grumpy lady even after being spoilt a lot. One can never know for sure. 

My review score is very high. Almost ten. But with new system our reward total was nine. Weird ! But that's another story. 

We do our best. For a very reasonable price. We thougrougly clean, dust,  change sheets all the time. Clean windows. Mop the floors. Offer modern small new stereo tower with the latest technology and free wifi. Wood enough for 24 hours burning , year round . I must prepare for new guest coming now . But love it! 

And that is what it is all about. 


Aaltje B 

M Adamopoulou

Aaltje, I agree 100%.

You are very thoughtful and certainly your guests are enjoying been treated with love.

Thats exactly what I said...we do our best because we love it...


M Adamopoulou

Dear Bandara thanks and please share your experience.

Your contribution to the Partner Community is very important and inspiring.

Wish you a beautiful day.



Thanks Maria, I followed your tips:

1.  Gave them a goody bag full of locally grown olives. Guests complained that the grapes tasted weird!

2.  Was cold so I wrapped up the woman in a blanket upon arrival, had funny look from husband and stunned look on womans face but think it went ok.

3.  Didn't have any sunglasses so placed bags over guests heads as they left as extra protection from sun. Didn't manage to see their happy expressions.

4.  Rushed down in the evening and placed pashminas on woman and husband. The husband said it wasn't his colour.

5.  Heard guests come in late so gave them time to settle, once all went quiet I let myself in. They were in bed but to make them more comfy and feel special I started feeding grapes to the woman. Husband woke up in shock at me sitting beside his wife. Anyway she seemed happy.

6.  Unfortunately I didn't send them home with a treat or even see them leave as after number 5. the police popped round and took me away to their homestay.

On the whole I think it went well  :)


Hi Andy! This is really good, thanks for sharing :) 

Hotel Recanto Verde

Thanks for sharing!

I remembered once, when I started preparing surprises for the guest, made a basket full of goodies, the guest freaked out with the basket, and asked if it's free. I said: Yes, courtesy of the house!

M Adamopoulou

Love baskets!!!

As you said once upon a time...my family and I arrived very late after midnight due to snow storm...to a chalet in Parnassos... a ski resort... they gave us a basket full of sandwiches and fruits...we were stunned and very thankful because we had a very hard time in driving due to the sudden snow storm...

Best winter holidays ever...still remember the magnificent time we had...and thanks Hotel Recanto for bringing me memories!!!

Best wishes...