How to postpone an opportunity from opportunity center

Well i have just take action on a programme about mobile phones and all my customers have reduced price if they book from their phones.. But i wanna cancel this how can i do this please help.. 

Jarratt - Acco…


You can activate, edit, or deactivate a Mobile Rate promotion at any time using the Promotions tab in the extranet. There is a specific report there which will show you how many room nights have been booked on the Mobile Rate promotion, as well as the average daily rate and the total revenue generated through the promotion.


I would recommend analysing this before deciding to switch off, and keep in mind you can also add 30 blackout days per calendar year, so if there are upcoming high demand periods you can deactivate the promotion for those specific days, while still benefiting from the tagging to capture more local market share on the lower demand dates. 


The Booker Insights report under the Analytics tab is another great report to highlight the share of bookings that you are generating broken down by device type, and you can compare your data to the local market to see if you have higher/lower share, as well as your average daily rate booked per device versus the market, the book window per device and the cancellation rates. All of this combined will give you a good indication if the Mobile Rate promotion has been successful for you, and help determine if it is worth continuing. 


I hope the above helps you make an informed decision. All the best. 

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