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How to Prevent back to back same day two guest group bookings? for less pressure on cleaning and Covid

Airbnb has a great feature to add prep days for cleaning automatically for each booking, either before or after a booking, or both. I have both set, as most bookings for me a weekends, and if a weekend is booked, I don't want new guests booking to leave on Friday, or arrive Sunday, and cause cleaners to struggle to clean in a short window with a new group arriving the afternoon where existing guests are only checking out that morning.

Is it possible to set this up on

I don't use an external booking / channel manager system. I suspect the only answer is manually remembering to block dates every single time there is a booking on

This is obviously a big shame that is not as featured as other platforms to support this 'automated cleaning days', but maybe I am just missing some feature. Does have such a feature, or is this platform not supporting this other than manually (or via other synced systems?

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BrookAve 1 year ago




Yes using the extended fields for No Arrivals, No Departures etc, but these are not all enabled by default.

You have to request them


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Stately Bowral… 1 year ago

Goodness, 7 clicks to get to send a message or see where to call! A bit difficult, with some being a bit obscure like 'other'. Still, an amazingly helpful GIF to show how to navigate this menu maze... presumably made hard to discourage support calls to all but the most keen I presume!

Regards cleaning days, I note the extended availability fields, but seems there is not one like Airbnb then, you can have one day blocked prior to the booking to ensure cleaning is not rushed then. There is no way to block back-to-back bookings then I presume? It's just so easy in Airbnb... you set the feature and never again have rushed cleaning. I presume the only way on this site then, is as I do now. For every new booking, I need to go into the calendar and manually block the day before and after for cleaning. Is there any other way to make this more automated? Surely I am not the only one who has this need! Appreciate the support response though. Chris