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How to prevent parties

I know it sounds crazy but I keep having people book in together and then starting a party around the pool  even though my rules say no parties or alcohol around the pool area.  Is there a way to prevent more than 3 people being booked together at a time.  Why can't a refuse a booking if I suspect they planning to party.  It's so frustrating

Myat Noe Oo

Hi Ruth-ann Martin,

I am just a property manager. I think you can not prevent group booking from although there is no group booking function, they can make several bookings for their group. I  suggest you to close online room allocation or may be open maximum 5 Rooms. But there may be some issues on not getting bookings from single or couple travelers.

The best one is you should put "No alcohol or party around the pool" sign board in front of the pool area. This is just my suggestion.

Have a nice day!

M Adamopoulou

Hi Ruth-ann Martin,

Sorry to hear about your party struggles...especially in time with Coronavirus.

Maybe you should add a photo in your listing...not parties allowed....another suggestion.

You can report them in your reservation as misconduct.

Or maybe you should contact directly and ask them to support you.


Wish you well...




Isle of Wight …

Party animals tend to book properties with single-night availability where possible - sometimes 2 nights. Make sure you set a minimum 2 night stay, or even better, 3 nights. Always take a damage deposit too. That's normally enough to deter most party animals.