How-To Register Your Car Rental or Taxi service


Over the year there has been several requests for non property partners on how to register their service.

Here is a summary of  where to go for these 2 types.




Car Rental  Services Registration


Rental Cars website is site for  Guests to book a car.

Rental Cars Market Place is for fleet owners to manage and add supply.





Taxi Services Registration



  • We send you details of the customer booking.
    • When customers book with us, we’ll assign relevant bookings to you, which can be actioned through the Partner Portal or API if you’ve got it set up.  
  • You send a driver to complete the journey
    • Using the accompanying Booking.com driver app, your driver can complete the pickup or use your own driver app and send us events via our API.
  • You get paid
    • Once the journey is completed and the customer has left feedback within a 72hr period, we’ll add the payment to your account with a simple and clear self-billing process.




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