How to reply to misconduct guest who leaves a very bad review

Hello everyone, please could you offer some suggestions on how i should reply to a guest who left us a bad review - 5-general score, our score previously was 9.9 out of about 40 reviews?:( It's an apartment in a block of flatts,we were notified they were being loud by the neighbours,so we went there, at second notice at 3am(first call from neighbors was 11.30pm) to see what was happening/if everything ok.Indeed it was not a party but yes, after 10pm, or anyhow 12am, those are theoretically quiet hours and the 4 guests were chatting,cooking,laughing out loud etc so we suggested it was about time for them to sleep :)).Booking was for only one night and they wrote(noon time review was already published),"nice.but you risk ruining your vacation bcs of owners and neighbors" stating they had been extra quiet. What would you reply?Would you just apologise(they complained that we disturbed them at 3 am), or would you mention the silent hours? I'd like to seem as a nice host for future guest,how can i use this review to my benefit, if there is such thing?


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Hi Monica,


Having a quiet hours notice is not enforceable.

Talking , laughing ,cooking at night is perfectly fine.


Due to the nature of an apartment block, all know or should know, the nature of how sound proof they can be , so there should be no unrealistic expectations suc has expecting neighbors to be quiet after 10pm.


Like you said there was no party.

The neighbor who called, need to mind their own business and get a grip on reality.


You cant phone them and tell them to go to bed, do not ever do that. 

If the walls are that thin, then get a building contractor or expert in sound proofing to add a layer to those walls and floors that need it.

Its 2020 there is always a solution.


As for what to reply to feedback with, just be nice and point out why you did, that way others reading it later will understand. That is all you can do, and just leave it at that, and move on.



Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well


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