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How to set advance reservation?

Hi guys, I was trying to set an advance reservation, like how far can the guests book my property? 6 months or 12 months? But I just couldn't find this setting. Can anyone tell me?

Thanks in advance!

Community Admin

Dear Jane, thank you for posting in the community! You can open your availability in the calendar in order for your property to be open bookable also for the next year. You can find more info in the link below:

Also, you have the option to set a minimum or a maximum advance reservation and you can find more in the link:

Best of Luck!


Thanks for both of you. Maybe I didn't explain it clear and well enough. What i mean is " How far can the guest book? " Like Airbnb or Homeaway, you can set it as 6 months or 12 months, your calendar will automaticlly open for the next 6 or 12 months for guests to book. 

Sorry for my poor English. 

Community Admin

Hi Jane!  We do not offer at the moment an automatic option to open your calendar. You can decide yourselves how far ahead you are ready to open your property for reservations. In order to load rates for the next 6/12 months you can use a menu in the Calendar or the button "Copy Yearly Rates", if available. If you do not want to be sold too far ahead, you can close future dates via Calendar or "Open/Close Room" button. 

Good luck!