How to set a deadline for the arrival of guests?

We want to set an arrival deadline hour for reservations, and if they can't make it, automatically cancel the reservation.

Sharon Powney

Your Check in times give you the deadline.  Enforcing it is more difficult and there is no automatic cancel function.  You should set up some automated messages for bookings to let guest know about deadline and also message a couple of days before arrival to remind them.  Also emphasise in small print, but unfortunately lots of guests either don't read or don't care about it.

My check deadline is 10pm and message from guest was arrival would be at 2am (due to flight arrival).  I told them it would be $20 fee and when they complained I let them cancel and go and stay somewhere else.  If you are a small business you can't just sit up all night.

M Adamopoulou


You are right that if you are a small business you cannot wait all night but if the delay is due to flight...maybe you can be more flexible...



Sharon Powney

A delayed flight is understandable but the flight was not scheduled to arrive until midnight so with customs and everything probably wouldn't have arrived until 2.30am.  I have sat up many times until well after the 10pm for no fee, always try to be flexible.