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How to set up short COVID-19 Cancellation Period until Sep 30 and then 14-day Cancellation Period after Sep 30

I was going to shorten the Cancellation Period for COVID-19 for bookings for July, Aug, Sept & Oct this year but want our regular 14-day Cancellation Period to apply for bookings for any time after that, especially for next year. 

Is there a way of doing that? There is no way that I would want to few day cancellation period for bookings that are next year and currently that seems to be the only way to set it up.



Hi Frauke Wenzel


So I accepted this challenge to see what features could be leveraged to do this and came up with :


There are actually 3 categories to consider::

1. All booking made before the Booking decision in April 2020 to resume normal Partner Policies, are still subject to the COIVD 19 procedure.

2. All after that April date are subject to Partner Policies.

3. Your proposal above

Under Policies  >> [Policy Name] there is a right pane options for:

Looking for more options? See our full list of cancellation options here.

  • How long before arrival can the guest cancel free of charge?
  • How much is the guest charged for cancellation in the 30 days before arrival?
  • How much is the guest charged for a no-show?


You might be able to leverage this , along with a new Rate Plan or set or New Rate Plans.


Whereby you use the calendar list view to expand the view per room type.

Then Rate plan 3 is Rate Pre September, and you close out availability after 30th for that one and then For Rate Plan 4 you do opposite.


The tricky part is the associated cancelation plan


You might be able to utilise the extended fields in calendar list view such as min./max. stay , min. advanced reservation etc. in combination to limit when they are available..



But I think you are going to have to manually update the cancellation policies , no later than 2nd september.


some food for thought.



Kind Regards


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