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How to set/change hotel location?


We have recently (finally) got the street number for the building where is our hotel. The local municipality administration just recently has aded the numbers to this street so I am sure that the new numbers are not yet registered on geo location services (google maps or similar).

When we put this hotel address into registration map does not show that address (location) correctly but with a huge distance mistake (150-200m). I can not find a way to enter the location manually by inserting the coordinates or placing the location directly on the map. 

Could you help me please to fix it?





This is partners helping partners and not direct line to bdC support team. 

Simply only use google maps to find the pin location and then copy poaste that URL into a message to BdC support team and they will update the GPS location.


As for the address displayed you can also include the new address so they can set it as a label.


For BdC support call them via Contact Us on bottom of every page.


Kind Regards.


Community Admin

Dear Ljubomir Radjenovic! Thanks for posting in the Community!


You can update the location of your property on the map right in your Extranet:

- open Inbox and select " messages"

- click "Compose a new message"

- select topic "property details" and subtopic "Adjust your location on the map"

- update location and save changes.


Best regards!