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How smart is your property?

Hello partners,

Technology covers almost every aspect of our lives nowadays, improving the quality at times. Many properties are tech-savvy while others are very old fashioned — and guests like it that way.

We would like to know your point of view. How much do you rely on electronic devices in your daily management? How has that changed over the years?

Feel free to share your experience with us and the rest of the community. Are you tech-savvy— or old fashioned? 


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Don Burns 2 years ago

The only big change to our house's downstairs guestrooms was removing the electric coffee-bean grinder and providing pre-ground coffee in an air-tight container.


One guest out of every seven bookings did not know how to measure and grind coffee beans for our guestrooms' 12-cup coffee maker.


We do not want to buy a new single-cup coffee maker with expensive coffee pods.

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Chris Hilton 2 years ago

Have installed Drayton Radiator thermostats in each room.

Perfect for controlling the temperature in each room via the App. and no more fingers fiddling with the Temperature.

Best is that I can switch off the heating in individual rooms when they are empty which has made a big saving in heating costs. If I do get a last minute booking it is very easy to open the App and immediately have the heating switched on for a particular room with a boost to bring the temperature up within 30 mins if necessary.

I have also installed Netflix to all rooms which has proved to be a very positive Plus.


Under describe, over provide will bring in the best reviews

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Leaving in a rural area things are a bit old fashioned but since technology covers almost every aspect of our lives we try have both.

We have no internet network!!! We have to share our personal data with guests but that is very expensive and of course it is limited. Thankfully guests understand the situation and are satisfied with that..maybe because our guests come to our property because they like the country and don’t really care about technology.  Nobody wants to see TV, even the children...they prefer to enjoy the country view...

The air condition is used very rarely...guests prefer to leave the doors and windows wide open and feel the cool breeze.

Although we like the country life, we cannot ignore technology.  We just try to keep it as low as possible.





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Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

We want our guests to use our holiday homes as a base, somewhere to sleep, and to go out and spend their time and money supporting the local tourist industry. Therefore, we provide the basic essentials - TV, cooker and microwave, WiFi etc etc. Guests say our properties have everything they need. A couple of weeks ago, we had a guest who didn't know how to work a basic gas fire. So we don't think we need to add any extra technology, and even if we did add it, there would be little real benefit, and we'd probably end up with guests asking loads of questions about how to work it .....

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BrookAve 2 years ago

Very much so.

I'm all about streamlining, and automation. From IFTTT talking to each vendor platform such as:


  • Philips Hue for lights,
  • Samsung SmartThings talking to YALE keyless door locks,
  • HIVE heating scheduling (phone app & local device)
  •  Amazon Alexa control of them all
  • Amazon Ring Video doorbell & Blink cameras 

The only thing is...

You never think of the Guest who is completely and utterly clueless, who ignores what's right in front of them, signs, symbols, doesn't read the automatic messages detailing everything.

So no matter how many scenarios you cover, there's always that one.

I find the Blink motion CCTV very useful for learning over time ideas and things to fix, improve. When you see people struggling in the kitchen to find a cup, sugar etc... then I looked at using symbols that are universal, so language cant be an excuse for them. Put similar in hall for bathroom, labeled the room doors; Remove Shoes Signs (which get ignored).

I had an issue early on with people not pulling up the outside porch handle, and then the wind catching it and opening it. I tried various small printed paper signs from text to symbols. You would be amazed at how thick some are at closing an outside door, despite the sign and symbol right there in their line of sight.

Thankfully  99% of the time now as I evolved the signs and symbols it has improved. 

I do need something for the radiators but unfortunately its an old home and the radiators are not thermo valve compatible. Hopefully over time and when I can get someone to do the work I can replace the radiators and get the thermo valve type put on, then I can look at a vendor to control the rooms. Perferably an Amaon Alexa compatible product that is zigbee or z-wave compatible.

I also want an easy product to install to replace the room door handles, considering these wooden doors use the classic BASTA/UNION style units, I'm finding it hard to find a suitable product to fit the same space in the door. I am amazed no one has invented such a common type replacement. for this 2 lever 


I use their booking number and have in the automessages, use the last X digits as your door code to enter the property.


The part I need to bridge to fully automate this is utilise an API to talk to the platform. So that when a new booking is made and arrival < less than 48 hours away, to then talk to the smartthings API then the YALE keyless lock and add a doorcode using those digits. I know sounds complicated but its not.

The hard part  is the key part missing is the man in the middle service needed to perform this.

IFTTT technically could if it was just a local device talking to both API and the Yale Keyless lock.


IFTT is pretty cool lets you do thing like :

  • IF Ring Video Door Bell motion detected, THEN tell Office ceiling light flash for 5 seconds.
  • IF Front door Sensor opens and its night time, THEN turn on hallway lights.
  • IF NightTime and Stairs Bottom Sensor trigger, THEN turn on hallway and landing lights. [very usefull saftey feature].


Theres loads of options


I currently use an enterprise grade network and cloud based management service with CISCO. There is an option to enable 3rd party authentication such as facebook and google account logon as a passthru option to simplify password management. i.e. none needed.


But for the non tech savvy its important to have the basic method also. I use a printed poster with the SSID , Password in QR code format and plain text.

I have heard of online wifi password management solutions where you put a link into your messages auto or manual that give the user an option to sign up for wifi access before arriving.


That can be very usefull for both parties, such as , Guest has no simcard or working network connection, turns up late at night, their device connects when in range and any messages via Whatsapp or to their email or phone app should then appear with the messages they never saw or read with their door code and how to self-service checkin late.

With Black Friday sales coming up end of this month it will be a good time to get some bargains on smart home devices :)



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Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

I remember the days when we actually got off our backsides to press a button on the TV to watch the other channel. Maybe it's because of my age that all your technology scares me!

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pibomarco 2 years ago

- No password for WiFi

- Smart TV

- Netflix

- Nintendo SNES classic

- Danfoss smart radiator thermostats for heating

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BrookAve 2 years ago

no wifi password means a lot of implications you don't realise, strongly recommend you do and have it as WPA2 not WPA at a minimum.

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Wow! pibomarco!!!

You have it all...

Technology is going so’s impossible for me to catch up...

Thanks to my children I am in the picture!!!