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How to stop Last Minute Bookings?

Hello everyone! I remember I disabled last minute booking option when I was doing settings for my property but it was a while ago, and now I cannot remember how I did it and cannot find in Policies how to do it! Today a last minute booking came through. I am not happy about it, I feel uncomfortable about hosting the guests (young couple, I suspect they are arriving to the city for meeting with friends and drinking session, I already had such problems when the lockdown was eased off a bit). But I obviously cannot cancel their booking without being punished for it by Though I clearly stated some time ago that I did not want to take last minute bookings. Anyway, how can I disable Last Minute Booking option for my property to protect myself from it in the future? Did you ever have last minute bookings which turned into a mess and nightmare for you as a host and how did you deal with the situation? Does protect us, hosts, at all from rude guests who do not follow house rules (sent to them via email and clearly displayed in the house too!) and arrange nightclubs in properties thinking they are entitled to anything they want just because they paid for 1 night stay? Thanks in advance for your help!


In Rates, Calendar, use List view.  On left hand side open up to see additional lines re Minimum stay.  You can use the Bulk edit to update minimum stay.  You need to set Restrictions every time you add new rates.