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How to stop/Avoid bookings from problem guests who want to party

I'm getting a lot of bookings from guests who live in the area (Cardiff). This is an automatic red flag. I spend hours on the phone cancelling bookings as I have learned to spot guests who plan to party. Is there a way to stop instant bookings so guests can be vet first? Most of these bookings I am not able to cancel online and end up having to call and spend hours on the phone which is a total waste of my time.

Any tips would be very helpful

Thank you!

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Hi Chris,


1. Auto Confirmed - simple answer is no its part of the T&C for partners.

2, Dealing with Party Group , bookings.

So lets say you know which are, then I would immediately put a note into Fine Print and auto message template for new bookings that says: " For bookings of more than 2 people, a deposit may be requested.should the deposit not be pre paid with in x hours or x days, the booking will be voided"


"At managements discretion a deposit may be requested, should the deposit not be pre paid with in x hours or x days, the booking will be voided."


This now gives you a easy way to use the Request Cancelation under the details page , right pane, choosing option1.


In some cases if too close to check in date/time you will have to phone or message BdC Support to cancel it.



Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well


Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide


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12 days ago
Chris Quarcoo

Thanks for this, much appreciated I'll set up some templates right away 

7 days ago
Account Adviso…

Hi Chris Quarcoo,


I would recommend ensuring your house rules are set up correctly. Here are some handy tips to follow.


You could look at setting up a damage deposit. Please note that Booking.com cannot collect damage deposits on your behalf so you will need to arrange this directly with your guests.


Instant confirmation cannot be turned off but the above may help you to filter your guests.


Kind regards,

Shirley E.

7 days ago