How to turn off Activity Daily REPORT Notifications on Pulse App

On my Mobile Booking.Com - Pulse App I get a DOT that signifies hat I have -2-3-4 etc new messages. When I open the App it goes to the ACTIVITY page and the DAILY REPORT shows new arrivals and departures. The number of which is often Incorrect to the actual activities. Mostly for me it is 0 Arrivals and 0 Departures. ....as Booking. Com 'fees and commissions' mean I have to set prices higher (than other sites) and essentially price myself out of the market to maintain profit margins. but thats another story.

How do I turn off this one of many VERY annoying Booing "feature's"?

Essentially I only want to know when actual activity is occurring.

PS: Also on Activity at the bottom is a red dot and it often gets stuck on 1- when there is no activity


Thanks ED

M Adamopoulou

Dear B... you can modify your notifications under your settings  in your pulse....

Wish you well.


Ashraf T.

Done that and still the same.. getting the number on the activity tab only now there is no notification showing.



M Adamopoulou

Hi! Virginia and welcome to the Partner Community.

Please share some photos of your place!!!