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How & Why Add your Listing to your Partner Community Profile


To : All Fellow Partners


So lately if you frequent these forums  and you see me trying to help out, you will have noticed I always ask the Partner starting the topic to update their profile here with the link to their property.


Why ?   why not ?


Its actually rather simple, eloquent and logical.


Many times posts are made with little to no logical thought , assumptions made etc to the point that someone then viewing it and can help is left bewildered, perplexed, confused by bad grammar, nonsensical statements; no logical flow; no detail just vague multi-possible outcomes. 


I know it would be wonderful if we were all oracles, mind readers and then no once has to post anything and we all just know what is needed, but lets come back to reality, this is not The Matrix. 


Of course we are all busy adults with plenty of other things to do and get on with, but this is a crucial basic concept that will ...


...save everyone time and your sanity to get a potentially better , quicker resolution to your query, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so :)


By linking your property listing into your profile it provides:


  • Other partners viewing the topic posted a picture of , insight into how it is setup
  •  Can see what policies are setup for a rate type, useful for new beginners trying to do similar
  •  Troubleshooting Rate, Room and Policy setup by seeing current setup.
  •  It can take a thousand words to describe in detail in text the perceived issue so why not simplify it by showing your listing and just reference the points you want to make instead. Which in turn is much shorter tyo type and easier to be succint, and concise with.


Also take the time to consider that the posting topic should be called so that it is actually about the topic.


I have seen many times the subject line topic is not at all even remotely related after then digesting the posting.


I would advise , stop, take a breath. Think about what it is you are posting and what words , keywords are used for it. Do not be lazy , use the search feature for those keywords for already posted topics.



Because if you have multiple topics on the same thing instead of replying to the first or second or most recent, you are diluting the issue. In terms of feedback and further action, its actually better to post in one topic, its a psychological thing.

In general replying to a topic more than 6 months old , is typically frowned upon on The Internet.

In that case open a new topic , name the subject concisely, and give enough detail and reference your listing .

'Every little detail helps'   (no ASDA didnt come up with that one, I did, lol)


Admins, Mods, and other relevant teams see the count of replies , the number of pages on a tpoic and it then helps flag it to a higher level where action can be taken .


How To find My Listing URL?


Simple go to your admin dashboard, and top right, typically between the circle menus of Account & Help is a menu that drops down.

Click and you will see your listing name, Property Id and then the actual link  called ' View Your Property'.


Simply right click this and copy 'the location' , the copy link option in that context menu will vary in wording based on web browser being used.

How to add the property listing URL to my Partner Profile?


  1. On this Partner Forum, top right is your Account Name as a clickable menu.
  2. Click on it then Edit Account.
  3. Now you should be on Edit > Account Information
  4. Click on User Details to the left of it.
  5. Directly below the Bio memo box is the place to paste in the Property URL as HTTPS (not HTTP).
  6. Below it then click SAVE button to save the changes



If you have somehow copied an extended link, i.e. after the ".html" part there are things like "?sessionId=x% QWERTY=WDD", ignore and remove,

everything after the ".html" part. It is not needed.


It should be clean and short like below, unless of course your property name happens to be very long anyway.



edit property link



Now when some one clicks on your name in a topic or reply your profile will load and show the link as an option to click on.


Example : You can now see 'See their Property'


profile link set


7 Replies

Aaltje B.

Excellent Barry, thanks a lot! 


Aaltje B. 

24 days ago
M Adamopoulou

Barry, thanks for sharing this link...this is very helpful and hope Partners will follow your detailed info.

I would like to add if I may, that uploading also a profile picture and a small self  info, will help us understand each other’s needs and can make communication easier...


24 days ago
Isle of Wight …

Well said Barry - you're doing a good job - I do the best I can to help, gets tiring answering the same things over and over!

20 days ago
Dan Calnon

Ok I’ve been here about 1 year and am trying to branch out into these areas now. Problem is, as simple as that description seemed on what to do. And yeah i can handle most computer items just like that, so I know it’s not just me when I say - that’s not easy to follow, it made me loose my attitude a few times and still don’t know which ways up. You send us to a menu to click something not there, idk but that’s not helpful and wasted a couple hours of my time.

11 days ago

It's more or less just you Dan.. :)


Click -> your username (top right) -> edit account -> user details -> Property link (under Avatar/Biography section)

10 days ago