HowTo : Restricting Check-in Day of the week and Checkout Day


Example : Saturday Check-in only and check out only on Saturdays.

This is a 7 night stay minimum with option to book as 7,14,21,28 for length.




  • Request All extended fields in Calendar List view to be activated
  • With the new extended Fields enabled, No Arrivals, No departures etc. 
    • Open Calendar -List View  
    • Expand the rate plans / promotions on left  
    • Now you see all the extended fields.
      • Min. Length of Stay
      • Max Length of stay
      • No Departures - click to toggle to Enabled/True
      • No Arrivals  - click to toggle to Enabled/True
      • Min Adv reservation - a value for days or xh where x is hours myimage  
    • Here is where it gets a bit complex but once you keep focused it will make perfect sense....  
    • You Set Sundays- Fridays as No Arrival = True, by clicking that field under that day.  
    • If you do not allow checkouts earlier than 7 night stays, then also toggle on  No Departures for Sun-Fri  
    • You set Max Length Stay 7 , assuming you only want weekly.  
  • You might want to set a max stay too, of 28days



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