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I am having trouble getting bookings. My unit is in an ideal location. the Washington DC boarder, on the VA side.

What can I do say or show different to get bookings?  My friend books on a competitors website and is able to cover his mortgage 3 times!  I have only had 1 booking last month.  I did have 4 people book, but I was not ready so I had to have cancel those reservations.  Lastly, I am managing from China.  If anyone needs any supplies or help upgrading their property for cheap, reach out to me. 

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BrookAve 2 years ago
  • Promotions
  • Manage Rate Plans with flexible / Non refundable
  • Rates with last minute check in up to1 hour
  • Update lower price for the current day on the day for empty rooms to entice bookings.
  • Learn how discounts can stack to not get caught out
  • Visibility Booster feature



Hi Ronald , Above is a brief list of thetop of my head of things to consider doing.


TIP: Dont forget to link your listing into your propfile as it helps other partners see,  advise and help with your questions.


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