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I cant make VAT registration

Icant make VAT registration.  Please help me or better call me... I dont have the time to reed all the forums to find an answer...


Thank you!


You have posted this on the partner forum, which is other hoteliers, so we are unable to look at your setup.  However, the forum has shown that there is a bug in the VAT registration that they are currently working on.  If you want a phone call you will need to contact the help team.


Hello Γιώργος Κιτσοπανίδης! Welcome to the Partner Community. Thanks for flagging this problem, our product team is fully aware of it and is already working on the ways to solve it. It will probably take time.


Hello Γιώργος Κιτσοπανίδης! The recent news I can share is that the bug is fixed for the Greek market. And the product team is making sure our connection to VIES works smoothly. The final testing maybe will take a little more time. 

M Adamopoulou

Great news!!!

 I registered my VAT no. successfully.

Thanks Sergei, for your kind cooperation.

Wish you a great summertime!!!