I didn’t mean to book the hotel

I didn’t mean to book a hotel in Amsterdam is there any way of cancelling it



Do you own a vacationing property?

If not, what are you doing here?

Anyway, that question is for your shopping account on BDC, not here.

(it depends on the cancellation conditions of the individual booking [refundable/prepayment/deposit etc etc] )


No I ain’t got a clue how I’ve ended up doing all this and I ain’t got a clue how to delete it all and get away from it

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Asaagrella97 so sorry to hear about your struggles.
Get away from what??? From listing your property or from cancelling reservation????
What a mess... Keep cool and think positive. Take steps one by one....
Give more details...partners here are very helpful...
Good luck....