I have double booked my property how do I cancel a reservation

I have sold some dates on booking.com that I have already sold on another site. How can I cancel the reservation? It's a total mistake and I am new to this. Hopefully a HUGE lesson learned. I don't want to upset the guest that has booked by cancelling but I have no choice. Please help!!!


Sergei - Commu…

Hello Samina Ferris! Welcome to the Partner Community. Sorry to hear it happened to you, and it's great to see that you don't want to upset your guest. Please have a look at the few articles about how to handle cancellations: https://partner.booking.com/en-gb/help/reservations?collapse=415 You will learn not only what to do when you have an overbooking but also:

How can I immediately reopen rooms to resell them after certain cancellations?

Can I delete canceled bookings?

And many more.

For help on what to do when you have an overbooking, please contact the Customer Service team. If you want to learn how you can avoid overbooking, please read this article.