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I have no possibility to have my 3-room apartment, for rent, in year 2021-2025. It is a central apartment, in Gandia, Valencia, Spain. So you must take it away from the catalog, directly. Send me an answer by mail to***, to show me

First; after 2 case without guests

Second: I can't manage that to give the key

Second: I shall use the appartement by my family

Second: Take it away from the catalog.


Thank you


Henrik Tibblin

Central 2-3 room appartement in Gandia Valencia, Spain.

Not for free 2021-2025




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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

Hi Henrik!


Since this is only a Partner Community you have to resend your message request through your Extranet inbox directly to BDC to delete it....


Wish you luck?