I have not received code for confirmation of my property

I already added my property in booking.com. But I have not received code for confirmation of my property. Please support me.


Rovshan Dadashov

Rovshan Dadashov

I ask you to send me your USA number for easy communication. I want to inform my notes. I have problem to register my property in booking.com


Hi, Rovshan Dadashov! 

Thanks for your post, and welcome to the Partner Community.

I would recommend you to look through this article to get more info about property verification: https://partner.booking.com/en-gb/help/first-steps/what-does-property-location-verification-involve

Keep in mind that your verification code arrives via mail (not email) to the property address you’ve registered. Depending on your location, this can take up to 3 weeks to arrive.

Take care, you're almost there!

aseel shaahid

I already added my property in booking.com. but I have not received property location verification code.



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