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I need your help!!!

Hello, my name is Tatiana Gonchar, I am a co-owner of the Charda Hotel. I can't place my object on your platform. The hotel was once located on your platform. The previous co-owner worked on the extranet (booking and phone calls). But it so happened that he had great financial difficulties and problems. His share becomes the property of another person, but my share is mine. I want to work with you. How can I, for my part, resume work and enter into a cooperation agreement with you? I hope you can understand me and help solve this problem.

Tell me where to go or write a letter in resolving this situation. Thank you, Sincerely, Tanya Gonchar  My tel. ***  WatsUpp *** Viber *** My E-mail: ***


Janita - Accou…

Hi Tetjana, 

Thank you for reaching out. 

We can do a change of ownership if you are now the owner of the property and therefore it can be changed to your name. Please contact the team to discuss the best way to process this and prove the ownership of the property. 

This forum is for general questions regarding, unfortunately we are not able to help with specific property requests due to security. Please reach out to the Partner Services team via your extranet for assistance with your specific listing. You can reach them via the Inbox tab in the extranet > Messages > See contact options. publish a list of publicly available support numbers per country on the page I have linked to below, so if for any reason you can't access the extranet or don't have access to the Inbox tab, you will find a list of public support number numbers listed here on the Partner Hub. -…