I rented my house and they stole a lot of things


Few days ago, I rented my house for three days, I gave in person the keys to the guest, a person that was supposed to be an interior designer,  we were having communication  by phone logged on the application but, the day that I was supposed to get back the keys from the guest, I started calling that number without response, I arrived to the house and I found that they had stole the refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, fan, heaters, cutlery and so many other things.

I'd like to know if somebody in my zone has experienced something similar and maybe we could find the responsibles of this.

I'm located in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

This is my property link *** , so if you have experienced something similar near my zone, you may reach me out.

Thanks in advance.

Karla Pedroza



Hi Karla,


That is terrible. They sound organised and had planned this from the beginning..


Did you use the Report Guest feature and attach photos of the condition of the house and the places where things were taken?

Those photos are also important to file a police report too, i'm assuming you have started this procedure, if not get on it right away.

Do you take a photo of their Password/PhotoID on or before arrival?

Is name and address enabled in the policies page for Guest Info ?


Something I just thought of , did they prepay for the 3 nights? and a deposit?

or pay you directly on departure?




Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well


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Karla Alejandr…


Yes, I immediately adviced to police, there's an investigation going on. I didn't ask for deposit, that was my bad, they pre-paid the 3 nights.

I've already added photos and videos of house after rental to booking, unfortunately they don't have the support that I expected.

They rented the house through a booking business profile, telling they will be 3 people but by the time I gave the key, it was just o one person.

I'll add my own specific policies when renting, due to I've found that people can create profiles with false information.


Always make a copy of their password or ID card. I don't know how it works in Mexico but for each guest we must take personal information and report it to our local officials on the time of check-in.  Best wishes!  


You can even ask them as soon as booking is made to forward a passport photo.


"Hi thank you for your booking. This is currently tentative booking until we receive the following:

1. Photo in focus , showing the edges of your Passport ID.Must be readable.

2. Deposit  is due with in x hours for last minute or bookings with check in with in 48 hours. For Other booking check -in dates the deposit mustbe paid with in x days.

Our deposit payment process is this .



For deposits use a service provider that give option to send a payment link.





you could also save this message as a message template to us at will when in the guest messaging section