I use SMOOBU Chanel manager and need to change the currency in my booking for hosts to USD (currently IDR)


i am using SMOOBU Chanel manager for airbnb and booking.com. But in Chanel manager I see the prices on Airbnb in USD and on Booking.com in IDR. that's why a cannot manage the prices by Chanel manager. How to switch the currency in booking.com to USD? My property is based in Indonesia. 




Did you already try contact AirBNB to change it to IDR not USD?


Jakub Pavlicek

If I change the currency in Airbnb to IDR I will get the double problem, because the channel manager can't operates with IDR. Juts in USD and an other common currency. So how the hosts use the channel manager for AIRBNB and booking.com?