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I want to remove my 3 listing here and retain my one and only booking and ensure it is open and bookable.



so hard to open chat with your customer service or help chat....

Pls. help me remove my 3 booking lists here:

ID no. ***  Brand new condo heart of Davao city

ID no *** Brand new one Bed room condo at heart of Davao city

ID no. *** Compact brand new avida condo wow

after removing that, I want this list booking be open and bookable== ID no. *** Brand new 1 Bedroom at heart of Davao city===this is at the moment closed and not bookable..please open it and bookable...ty




M Adamopoulou


This us only a Partner Community.


Please resend your message request through your Extranet inbox tab directly to

You can always close your rooms so your listing is not bookable.


Wish you well .