ical importation to close my availability?

exist the option to import an external ical?



ical sync is contraversal, i.e. 100% unreliable.


The only way to manage 2 or more OTAs is with a channel manager tool, which is 3rd party hosted.


nobeds, cloudsbeds etc


The option will not be visble to you in calendar options if your room type inventory count is > 1.

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Click on search for ical above to see many complaining about it.

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Nice, thanks for the information, I have only #1 room type but supose I need a channel manager and I cant use a direct url ical. Thanks!





A direct ical url is only useful for pulling into something like your email calendar, but in that scenario you would be using the one fro mthe channel manager calendar and not the OTA calendar.


note one room type and only one room, inventory of 1  will allow it.


on calendar list view the extra ical options will then appear when this criteria is met.


note: it will cause overbookings / double bookings.


hence the reccomendation to use a 3rd party channel manager (free or paid)




I think that ical is not available when you have more than 1 room. It closes everything.


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