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iCal Sync Still Not Reliable - November 2020

Updated : iCal Sync Not Reliable November 2020


On April 4th 2019...

All iCal suddenly stopped working. All bookings disappeared from all their ical URLs. All ical files where empty. So anyone using  BdC iCal to synchronize bookings with other channels / aka O.T.A.s, was suddenly open to double bookings for ALL the dates they had bookings from BdC. Example :  You where synchronizing BdC  with Airbnb via ical, and you had 10 bookings from BdC. . showing up in Airbnb calendar blocking those dates to make sure you would not get a double booking, all those dates where suddenly freed and available for Bookings from Airbnb.



As of the writing of this post, the problem has still not been solved.

If you are affected, you have options:


  1. Block all the dates on manually on the opposing O.T.A./channel  
  2. Disable instant bookings on Airbnb until the problem is solved.  
  3. Use a channel manager like NoBeds , Cloud Beds, ,Siteminder, Syncbnb to solve the problem and keep all your calendars synchronized.  

Since no one is going to be awake 24 /7/ 365, the channel manager is the only closest solution to near instant sync.


This is and will be why I will say it straight, to anyone posting yet another topic on iCal not working, :





I wont be getting into the why this and why is it not fixed yet. That is not for us, and yes BdC already know.

We should be only focused on workaround /solutions, nothing else.




Kind Regards

An  Irish IT Veteran of 20 + years



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pibomarco 1 year ago

I would add also Beds24 as a recommended CM. I switched from Cloudbeds to Beds24 with a much better monthly rate for same service.

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BrookAve 1 year ago

Thanks, I had forgotten that one.

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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

Thanks pibomarco and Barry for sharing your experience with us...

It is hightly appreciated....sharing is caring...

Wish you both a marvelous weekend...